Aguila teases GuiLaBron EP release with fresh visuals

If all goes according to plan we will be getting the GuiLaBron EP from Aguila a member of the Mutare based PATHUM crew this November.In case any Thomases were walking amongst us Aguila has already dropped 2 joints including a video from the upcoming project.The video in question is for the soulful 'Up and Down' directed by Ozay Malone with camera work from K.U Mapanzure and Admire Marlon as well as production from TuPoetik.

The GuilaBron EP is set to drop in November and the feature list is limited to PATHUM artists Kemmzy and Arthur Kay with production from TuPoetik.Aguila says the EP is basically a love letter to the ladies with content centred around women and how he interacts with them.When it comes to the sound the EP is gonna lean heavilly on that old school samples and drums vibe with enough soul to tug at the heart strings of fans of the old masters who gave us soundtracks to many an escapade whose inspiration was pure unadulterated love.

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