Cava the swanky swag in Liberaxe and Ulenni's new video

The Cava video by Liberaxe Beats and Ulenni Okandlovu is one of the most refreshing pieces of art i have come across in Zim Hip Hop thus far.The Mitch Uta directed visual piece combines street aesthetics,killer fashion,simplistic yet catchy ndebele raps and a beat you cant help but bop your head to.Liberaxe handled production while Ulenni whose titles include vocalist,rapper,fashionista,photographer was on vocals.Various personalities among them The Marcus Zw,Taflo,Afrow Poetiq,Taflo,Naborth Rizzla et al share their everyday street style while urging the viewer to 'Cava' or take a look because freshness shared is a fashionista love language.

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