Meet Tatendanhai and her love for the game

Tatendanhai's entry point into music can be traced back to a point in time when she was only 12 years old singing in the shower and having dreams of stardom like all of us.Unlike us she graduated from the shower to the booth around 2012 when she started recording singles and featuring on projects by other artists.Those projects never saw the light of day (did someone whisper Nas - Lost Tapes)  but she continued to work on her brand ultimately deciding to change how she handled her business in 2018.

In 2018 Miss Tatenda Masweka whom we affectionately know as Tatendanhai gave us a taste of what she has to offer when she dropped an official single titled Ungandidi under Dollarsign Music.Ungandidi is set to appear on her debut EP whose working title is 'Escape' and if things go according to plan we might be getting the project before the year is over.Before the project drops she is doing collaborations a case in point being 'Tamba Iyoyo' a song she did with Phreshy.

Currently Tatendanhai is juggling her music career with education and most of her days are in Malaysia where she is studying towards a degree.Speaking on the current state of the culture the femcee/singer acknowledged the growth and various improvements made as far as the music itself and the business side.Tatendanhai says she wants to play her part in amplifying the female voice in Zimbabwean rap while bringing positivity and growth to the game up to a point where our position in the global cluster of nations is very visible.Her music is available on most digital platforms under her stage name Tatendanhai

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