R Peels and Ti Gonzi light up a bonfire for Moto visuals

Moto has been one  of the fan favorites from God My Therapist which happens to be the 3rd studio album by R Peels.The Mike Made Magic produced joint features stellar verses by R Peels and Ti Gonzi and it was only a matter of time before we got fire visuals for that heat.Sim Doc Films with their impressive resume were a natural fit for what might be the hardest R Peels video we have seen thus far.

Aesthetically both the video and the song have that 'real hiphop' feel with relevant  everyday rhymes and relevant everyday people imagery.Politics,society and rap skills all get a mention in Moto while the whole hood comes out to play in front of a bonfire and gritty ghetto back drops that make up the visuals for this song

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