Kae Chaps's No Man Curse a mini autobiography

The best thing for an artist in the spotlight is to keep delivering at the level of the product that got him there.Having prior epic work people can visit to be further exposed to your dope artistry is another plus.Kae Chaps seems to be ticking all these boxes with ease what with a super relatable fire follow up to Juzi.

Titled No Man Curse the song was produced by the 40 to his Drake Dj Futronic and it came with a studio session courtesy of Zim Celebs.As usual he came with super mellow vibes from the heart and the result is an autobiography that resonates.From wanting to give up, feeling suicidal and getting help for his mental health to the knifing that almost killed him on November 2021 Kae bares it all.He concludes on a positive note urging people to bet on themselves,promising youngins looking up to him that he won't let them down and reminding us that no man can curse what God has blessed

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