Tanto Wavie has our Video Of The Day with John Vhura Gedhi

HipHop is one of the most ironic genres on this planet we call earth.Everybody and their cousin brother will scream 'Aint no rapper doing ish like me" while following trends and biting harder than a hungry rat in a peanut warehouse.As such when cats like Tanto Wavie impresario of the TrapSu Movement come along you take immoral amounts of that breathe of fresh air.

Without boxing him Tanto Wavie is basically what you get if a sonically futuristic System Tazvida loved trap beats.Take our video of the day for example.Based on the title John Vhura Gedhi one would assume its another John Vuli Gate cover but this slaps different.A mixture of nostalgic sungura vocals delivered in a trap meets prazero singalongs on an  eccentric TrapSu beat makes for a fire track and video directed by Mitch Uta.

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