Ghetto a Sunningdale One sonical google maps

Its a rap rite of passage to shout out your hood from time to time in your art and oftentimes artists take it a notch higher by dedicating entire songs even catalogues to the cities and communities that shaped them.Jigga's Hello Brooklyn comes to mind,Nas's New York State Of Mind,Jnr Brown and Mc Chita's H.R.E to name but a few.Drastick the Authentic joins this lineage with his latest offering Ghetto.

Ghetto which features Kayln is an ode to Sunningdale One affectionately known as Kong.The visuals shot on location in Sunningdale One offer a glimpse into what a day in Drastick's hood is like.Black and Colored folk bonding over Gusheshe drifting,kids coming out in droves to see a local star shoot immaculate visuals not to mention wild nights with the oans by sky high bonfires gasing on reebers (my Colored lingo got a huge boost from this sonical colloquial don't judge me exe).Peep the video and listen to the profound bars for a sonical map that will take you on a trip to Sunningdale One.

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