Joy Rukanza's vocals bloom in her new song Roses

Joy Rukanza stylised Jøy is a true cosmopolitan a citizen of the world.Born and bred in Bulawayo she would pursue education and a career in America.She has had her stints in Britain and South Africa and its not surprising her first major drop in years was a bop titled New Day featuring Kid X the venerated SA rapper and cofounder of Rap Lyf alongside Kwesta.

In less than two months Jøy is back with another single and as usual its her vocal range which stands out making one forgive all those sailors of old we thought were naive when they crashed to their deaths following the mesmerising voices of the sirens.Produced by Murphy Cubic Roses likens love to the proverbial bed of roses.The one in charge of the garden might do the most pampering and taking care of the garden but if the flowers aren't ready to bloom its all in vain.Likewise the rose might try to reach its full potential but in the absence of care it simply wilts

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