Maskiri covers Mau Mau's 20 year old Amai Ethiopia & it resonates

In 2001 Zimbabwean rap pioneer the legendary Shingirayi Sabeta then known as Mau Mau released a project called Mfecane.So potent,futuristic and rooted in reality were its lyrics that listening to them now you would think he wrote them from the future.Take Amai Ethiopia for example,the song which was covered by Maskiri a few weeks ago word for word with a new beat and Maskiri's signature delivery and its like a portrait of Africa as we know it now.

Xenophobia,looking down on our skin while glorifying everything European,the locking up of petty criminals while huge robberies of national coffers by big wigs are ignored are some of the  issues  Mau Mau tackled two decades ago but unfortunately they still hit home.World bank financing unfair loans to repay other unfair loans,wars financed by the West to allow for the looting of Africa and child soldiers also make the cut proving how timeless Mau Mau's music is as these things are going on still.Shout out to Maskiri himself a legend for bringing light to this forgotten gem and alerting a younger generation about the classic thats Mfecane.You can stream Mfecane on Shingirayi Sabeta's Bandcamp

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