Scrip Mula drops ballad alongside Poptain and Nutty O

HipHop and Dancehall have always been cousin brothers from the actual sound,the themes and the creatives shaping narratives in both genres.While misguided souls look for a showdown between the two or for the slightest excuse to claim genre A is eclipsing genre B the new blood is on a whole different tip.Cross pollination of these relatively young artforms seems to be a thing and the results have not disappointed.

Take Different the latest offering by Mula Nation head honcho Scrip Mula.The rapper/producer picked two of Zimbabwe's sickest dancehall cats Poptain and Nutty O for a mid section bop guaranteed to resonate with both dancehall and Hip Hop fans.With production by Scrip and visual direction by Director AM different is a ballad about how love ultimately puts paid to any differences love birds have.

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