Suhn takes it to the next level with Twenties

The current generation of Zimbabwean rappers has figured out the game is for the taking and they are not waiting for anyone to hand it to them choosing instead to grab the proverbial bull by its graffiti inscribed horns.From the aesthetic to the sound and the wording in the music a shiny veneer screaming futuristic is apparent for all to see.Venerated beatboxer,producer and rapper Suhn is one such young talent out to get his by any means necessary.

His latest drop is Twenties a bop whose accompanying lyric video has him look like a mbira playing Travis Scott with the gold grills and hairdo.The sound however is far from Travis but a modern upbeat Shona English fusion of confident affirmations for the Twenties starting with 2021.A famous fire lass,fly crib on the softer side of town and a Grammy for Harare by 2023.

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