Tha Dawg fiends for light in Chiedza

If you know you know sounds like secret service mumbo jumbo code for inside jokes but on rare occasions it perfectly documents a certain level of excellence only a few can understand because of first hand exposure.Those who know indeed know that when the tag 'Only at the flamerz' comes on one is now foraging into eargasmic territory.That is because Bulawayo's very own Tha Dawg has a tendency to give his all be it penning choruses,producing bangers or on solo outings as an artist.

In this era of genre fluidity he weaves his way across rap,trappy melodies and Dancehall tying them together with his signature multilingual delivery (Ndebele,Shona and English).For his latest drop he can't help but notice how dark the world has become and intercedes with Yahweh to bring some light to this global solar eclipse.Tha Dawg touches on how Zimbabwe was once a safe haven for its children but they broke out in search of greener softer pastures only to find blood soaked fertile breeding grounds for black on black hate and violence.He also has a few words of advice reminding us how every pat on the back isn't a show of friendship but sometimes a display of aggression and how dogs without fangs seldom bite a lesson perhaps to let the things that matter matter.

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