Rhyme Assassin back in the booth with American rap legends and more

After a long hiatus from the music scene all evidence on board points towards a resurgent Rhyme Assassin back in the booth working towards new music.The UK based emcee is known for tracks like Tsiva and its remix which featured rappers like Soko Matemai,Ti Gonzi and Jungle Loco who at that time were upcoming but are now mainstays in the local game.

Rhyme was also part of a duo called Nameless 263  and the Marquee figure at Uncle Rhymes Records a fledgling label that offered help openly and incognito to many a rapper.His exploits in the booth years ago earned him a UK ZIMA and best diaspora award before he  vanished in the wind possibly to focus on his family life,his nine to five and various business endeavours.

A recent surge in activity on his social media handles pointed towards something cooking with a message from American rap legend confirming a collaboration on the way titled so long.A couple of American blogs hinted at another Rhyme Assassin collaboration with Juzi hitmaker Kae Chaps.When asked for comment Rhyme confirmed that singles with various peers local and abroad were in the works while his debut full length album is set to drop in 2022.

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