The state of Zimbabwean policing with Gazaland Police Station

Police Officers, Zimbabwean Police Officers to be specific are an everyday reality and every citizen of this fine country has had a run with them with the side of the counter at your local station determining how good or bad the experience was. For the businessman whose money was recovered from fraudsters or the family that found closure when the dude who murdered or raped a family member was put behind bars the boys in grey and blue are a  capable force serving the needs of the populace. For the driver who had to buy a coke (African lingo for the good old bribe) for a traffic misdemeanor or the vendor whose wares were taken not to mention an activist whose behind got a thrashing the Zimbabwe Republic Police is a partisan and corrupt organization.

The good folk at Magamba TV and PaDen network took all these POVs to craft a show which attempts to show the various facets of our Police Force and how their actions or lack thereof impact societies and individuals on a day to day level. Both police officers, complainants and offenders get a chance to share their experiences first-hand and the satire that ensues is both comical and educative painting a clear picture of the current state of policing in Zimbabwe while highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly no Clint Eastwood.

The show is a brainchild of PaDen Network honcho Tinaye Wayne who wrote the material for the show with assistance from Bus Stop TV's DRC,Derby Bheta,Isheanesu Tsiga and Donald Mabido to name but a few.The cast includes Eunice Tava as Madam Bhebhe,Kilo Mapfumo as Bhema,Ngoni Chikowore as Peter Tosh,Tinaye Wayne as Tyson Million,Tanya Alex as Collerta Tshuma and Timothy Mukombe as Sgt Screwdriver.The names involved in scripting and directing the show as well as the cast are seasoned in their own right with tonnes of comic work under their belts so its not a suprise that the show has proven to be a hit with its audience.New episodes drop weekly on the Magamba Network YouTube channel.

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