Noble Stylz calls out Nyaradzo Funeral Group

Qouted verbatim below is Masofa Panze honcho Noble's take on Nyaradzo trying to manipulate every newsworthy event into a marketi opportunity for their brand which was already flourishing minus the trend riding drive they are on currently


You do not need to congratulate everyone on everything while Branding them under your emblem that's corporate digital mischief. When the intention is Pure it's easy to note, someone in the organization is propagating corporate cannibalism on your services.

Brand association is consensual, may I kindly repeat...BRAND ASSOCIATION IS CONSENSUAL. My entire family holds a policy with your brand based on service goodwill, you do that part very well. However, your digital team is breaking moral understandings for clout. 

It doesn't say much to be the first to Post a Branded Eulogy for David Mandigora just a couple hours after he passed on yet he died trying to outsource Usd4 000 from corporates. Staying on pulse with current events should never translate to overzealous branded themes disguised as congratulatory messages, especially for citizens who hold no Public Office and are not in Business With You.

Sa SAHWIRA akabhadhara Policy yemhuri and iri Up To Date Ndapedza...

PS* (Those branded congratulatory messages  can easily be perceived as Brand Advertisement and a long legal road can be marched. They are not worth it. #BataPatani

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